Author: Chris Haag

Typhoid Speedball Part I: Vaccination Consultation

Vaccines are an important part of traveling in the developing world.  Our pampered immune systems are simply not accustomed to some of the ailments in other countries.  As preparation I have been drinking from the toilet and eating raw pork.  This is the first of at least two parts about my experience getting the necessary Read More

WarmShowers.org (I swear it’s not a porn site)

One of the questions we get asked the most lately is where we will sleep.  This blog could just as easily be named “The Places I sleep,” and it would have an equally dirty feel to it.  For the better part of the next two years, we will be camping wherever we finish riding each Read More


For the last 3 months I have had something on my todo list that I have consistently been kicking down the road.  I look at it a few times a week and know it is something I should do, but procrastination gets the best of me.  Today was the first time in a while that Read More

Tenderfoot Podiatrist

I have fat feet.  Well maybe not fat, but wide.  They’re great for swimming, but sort of terrible when it comes to finding everyday shoes.  Finding cycling shoes is a nightmare.  I would honestly rather pepper my eggs with the crust of the bearded lady’s razor than wear a pair of cycling shoes.  I quit Read More


I suppose for the first post it is worth noting how we even got here. In short we made a pact during a hiking trip over Thanksgiving break of 2017 that, come hell or high water, we were going to leave Utah. Anytime we talk about leaving for a new place, I offer the idea Read More

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