Media/Sponsor Kit

We appreciate any publicity and sponsorship we get and are happy to return the favor in the form of internet love.  We have a rapidly growing social media following and are always excited to promote a person or organization that has helped us along the way.  

Newspapers, Blogs, and Podcasts

Adventure is in! 

People are exploring the outdoors more than ever.   When not outside, they're daydreaming and reading about adventure content on virtually every device.  We're a great addition for a local news outlet to discuss as part of local destinations and cycling activities in your town.  If you have a blog or podcast that is focused on biking or traveling, we would happily share a few war stories with you.  A big part of this journey for us is promoting cycling as a sustainable form of transportation and travel, so we're always excited at an opportunity to do just that.

For Sponsors


If you're looking for a great way to showcase a product, what could be better than having it tested and repeatedly photographed and written about for 2 years and 20,000 miles?  It's a great way to prove to your readers that your gear is durable and useful.  


Have a high energy and nutritious snack that you want people to know about?  Send us a box on the road and we will flood you with pictures of us feasting on it.

What we can offer:

  • Access to any of our photos and videos as long as you agree to link back to us
  • Event appearances
  • Wearing your apparel
  • Product shots
  • Blog postings
  • In person/online product giveaways
  • Social postings and shares - one time or recurring
  • Linking to your site/article through our Media and Sponsors pages

Please contact us with any inquiries.

Monthly support for one year

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