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The best mango I ever had

Hey there, are you reading this in your email?  If so, you might be missing some extra content such as photos and videos.  For the best experience you should hop onto the website. 1/21/19 – 1/26/19 “Ok so I think after San Luis Potosi….” “I can’t talk right now.” “Why not?” “This is the best Read More

Hippies and heroes holding hands

11/5/18 Boulder Beach We decided to take the day off.  I woke up around seven.  There was a spritely orange haired vagabond in denim coveralls with no shirt underneath standing on top of a picnic table playing a ukulele.  His friend, an almost perfect replica except in bohemian pants and tie dye shirt is dancing Read More

Astoria to Eugene

9/9 – 9/18 Oregon offered so many things. Perhaps most importantly, it offered a great reminder of the complexity of America and the fact that you can’t be too quick to put a personality in a box of assumptions. Leapfrog down the 101 with several other cyclists. Two Italian boys, 19 years old. Flew into Read More


9/6 – 9/9 I stood over the toilet, staring at the urine tinted water in the bowl.  “If it’s yellow let it mellow,” I said to myself.  I let out a sigh as I reached for the handle but then stopped myself. Steve was the kind of guy that seemed about as welcoming and understanding Read More

Finding the rhythm of our ride

This week marks the ninth that we have been riding. We left Homer, Alaska, in early July, and since then we have cycled a little over 2300 miles, up through the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska to Denali, east to the Canadian border, through the Yukon Territory, and then south in British Columbia to Prince Rupert. Read More

Lessons from Alaska

I’m writing this as our first month on the road – and our time in Alaska – draws to a close. We are currently in Tok, a ‘town’ 90 miles from the Canadian border. Every place we’ve been to over the past four weeks has been so beautiful, it didn’t occur to either of us Read More


For reasons unknown to me, I regained feeling in my foot somewhere between the Toklat River and Polychrome Pass.  It had been cold, rainy, and gray for the last twenty four hours.  Ever since an incident in my late teens that involved underage drinking, the police, and a barefooted 1 mile sprint, my feet were Read More

Week 1: Homer to Denali

We’ve been moving for a week now.  It’s Monday, July 9th.  This morning we boarded a train from Anchorage to Denali.  It feels a bit strange to skip ahead this early in the trip, but the forecast is projecting 25-40 mph winds and hellatious rain over the next few days.  Riding and camping in that Read More

Ferry Part I

We landed in Homer on Friday night, June 29th, around 8:30.  After the first few days on the boat, I was ready to get off, but by the time a week had passed it was starting to feel like home.  The gentle rocking from side to side coupled with the brisk ocean breeze and the Read More

And God (Dan Gilbert) said “Let there be cornhole!”

This is literally just a bunch of pictures of various cornhole boards downtown.  I like to imagine Uncle Dan taking a few hours off from being the Leviathan of Detroit to show up at a relative’s house that he doesn’t really like for a 4th of July party.  At said party he notices that all Read More

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