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Top 5 reasons to not take a satellite messenger on an international tour

A nameless friend whom I love dearly has been lobbying hard for us to take a satellite messenger with us on this trip.  Actually, she has been lobbying hard for us to get a satellite messenger ever since we moved to Utah and upped our weekly consumption of potentially deadly activities.  If you’re not familiar Read More

Simple gear list for your first tour

I recently added a budget page to the site.  When we initially began planning this trip, we worked the finances out on the back of a napkin.  Surprisingly (or not surprisingly if you know my ability to SWAG) once I put everything into a spreadsheet our napkin turned out to be spot on.  I also Read More

Gear: Tidy Cat Panniers for $15

A few things about me: I like to reuse things I like to make things I like to make things out of reused things I don’t like to spend money on new things when a thing made of reused things is available I have been using a set of panniers that I made out of Read More

Gear: Bubble Wrap Laptop Case

I was mulling over all of my options for laptop cases a few weeks ago.  My laptop will be going into my Aquaquest rolltop drybag, so keeping it dry should not be an issue.  It will be bouncing around on the back of the bike though, so padding seemed important.  Like most days these days, Read More

Gear: Custom welded clamp on drop bars

I recently teamed up with for an article about my clamp on drop bar adapters.  I wanted to have a variety of hand positions available for comfort, but as usual nobody made what I wanted.  Check out my article to see how I built them and how I almost cut my finger off. Read More

Gear Review: The Ottlock

There are a few pieces of gear that I have spent way too much time thinking about.  The lock is one of them.  I had 4 main criteria when considering how we will keep our chariots secure: size weight quality price The Ottolock is a solid balance of the first three items.  Think of a Read More

Tenderfoot Podiatrist

I have fat feet.  Well maybe not fat, but wide.  They’re great for swimming, but sort of terrible when it comes to finding everyday shoes.  Finding cycling shoes is a nightmare.  I would honestly rather pepper my eggs with the crust of the bearded lady’s razor than wear a pair of cycling shoes.  I quit Read More