Planning to take two years of off work to travel is no small feat.  For us this is something that has taken years of planning financially.  The budget has been broken into 3 parts with a summary at the end.  The pre and post trip costs are essentially fixed and will not change no matter how long we are on the road.  The annual costs accrue as we continue to travel.  This table displays what we expect an entire year of travel to cost.  We are planning on up to two years of travel, so this is reflected in the summary table at the end.

Our hope is that we have over estimated these costs.  It should also be noted that although there is $7,000 budgeted for a bike and gear, most people that are serious about touring probably have most of what they need already.  Even if you don't, this number could be drastically reduced.  We are taking a few luxuries that are not necessary at all (a drone and a ferry to Alaska).  For a complete list of what we're taking and what it all costs, see our gear page.  And if you think we are forgetting something on here, please let us know.

Pre-trip Costs

Total $9,248.00
Bike and gear $7,000.00
Vaccine consultation$65.00
Yellow fever vaccine$150.00
Bike Shipping to Alaska$150.00
Flights to Detroit$100.00
Flights to Seattle$200.00
Seatle AirBnB$100.00
Train to Bellingham$18.00
Ferry to alaska$915.00
Alaska airbnb (3 days)$300.00

Annual Costs

DescriptionCostQtyOccursAnnual Cost
Eating out$10.002Weekly$1,040.00
Misc Fun1001Monthly$1,200.00
Boat from Panama to Columbia5001Once$500.00
Country Entry Fees2515Once$375.00
Police Bribes502Yearly$100.00
Getting robbed752Yearly$150.00
Bike Tires501Quarterly$200.00
Bike overhaul502Yearly$100.00
Contingency (10%)8541Yearly$854.00

Post-trip Costs

Total $2,500.00
Flights home $2,000.00
Ship gear home$500.00

Total Costs

Total Cost of Trip $30,536.00
Pre-trip costs $9,248.00
Annual Costs $18,788.00
Post-trip costs $2,500.00
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