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San Juan to San Rafael

1/30/20 – 2/8/20 Long, flat, cool tail wind. The desert that great dump for all of man’s unwanted trappings. On the north end of the agricultural inspection booth; old televisions. To the south; tires. Who keeps this great warehouse organized is a mystery. What anyone will do with an old cathode ray tube ever more Read More

Buenos Aires – Hijos de putas politicos

1/21/20 – 1/29/20 After a rest day of swimming in the reservoir of Villa Union, we got back on the road.  Ruta Provincial 49 detours from Ruta 40 and cuts through a steep sandstone canyon that feels like an ancient sculpture garden.  Kissing rock, bird rock, mushroom rock, cloud rock, and my personal favorite, old Read More

Performance enhancing hugs

1/17/20 – 1/20/20 We commandeered the garden hose from the plaza in Londres to fill our water and then proceeded to wash ourselves.  The women maintaining the flowers didn’t seem to mind this, although I received a pair of sour eyes when I started dumping baby powder down the front of my shorts to combat Read More