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Guatemala: Part V – Antigua et al

5/7/19 – 5/10/19 Out of San Juan Caldera there is one great hill.  I managed to keep up with Yvan’s young legs for the climb and he and I waited for Soph at the top.  From there it descends for several kilometers into a nothing town called Parramos.  As we gained speed my sweat was Read More

Guatemala: Part IV – Volcan Acatenango

5/6/19 – 5/7/19 Jonas and Maria cooked us a massive breakfast before setting out to the volcano.  From what I can tell, you are supposed to have a guide for this hike because a few people froze to death near the top in 2018.  At the same time, they don’t appear to enforce this strongly.  Read More

Guatemala: Part III

5/4/19 – 5/5/19 I struggle to load my bike onto the little boat at the docks in San Pedro and out of the corner of my eye see the porter trying to put Soph’s bike on the top. “Por favor no.” He keeps doing it.  He can barely lift it, he’s knocking the drive train Read More

Guatemala: Part II – Learning about Spanish and colonization

4/27/19 – 5/3/19 The thing about learning a language is that at some point you have to begin saying things that are more complicated than “Where is the bathroom?” If you’re a first-worlder in Latin America, even with the observational prowess equivalent to that of a grown man with a third grade reading level, you Read More

Guatemala Part I

4/21 – 4/26 We crossed into Guatemala on April twenty first, my thirty sixth birthday.  The night before had been spent in a border motel where they lock a massive gate at night so nobody gets in or out.  A strange cast of characters ran between one another’s room shouting, slamming doors, smoking, and occasionally making Read More