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The best mango I ever had

Hey there, are you reading this in your email?  If so, you might be missing some extra content such as photos and videos.  For the best experience you should hop onto the website. 1/21/19 – 1/26/19 “Ok so I think after San Luis Potosi….” “I can’t talk right now.” “Why not?” “This is the best Read More

Expenses to Date

It is not all fun and games.  I spent today doing taxes.  It gave me an opportunity to check how we were doing as far as expenses go.  We are a hair above our average monthly budget for the whole trip, but it has been dropping since we got into Mexico.  I expect it to Read More

(Sombrerete to Zacatecas)

*Authors note:  It has been brought to my attention that sometimes I make sweeping generalizations about large swaths of people and that this is often considered offensive.  This is going to be one of those posts.  I would like to point out that I make a conscious effort to indiscriminately insult people.  If you were Read More


1/10/19 – 1/16/19 *Note: After Baja Soph and I decided to pursue different routes for a couple of weeks.  We took the ferry back to Mazatlan and she caught the bus to Guadalajara while I decided to ride the Espinazo del Diablo to Durango.  I have submitted the posting for this section to another blog Read More

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