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Last days of Mexico

4/16 – 4/20 I was shuffling about the hostel early the morning of the 16th…. trying to find a clean plate.  This is the only issue I tend to have in the places with “good energy.” The Universe, all powerful as it may be for the young and nappy, has yet to venture into cleaning Read More

San Cristobal: Part IV

4/13/19 – 4/15/19 Just outside of San Cristobal is the little town of Chamula.  Several people described it as an indigenous stronghold where people live by their own traditional rules.  They don’t pay taxes and they don’t care for other Mexicans sticking their noses into their town.  It sounded a bit like Colorado City, Utah.  Read More

San Cristobal: Part III

4/5/19 – 4/12/19 Time is a fluid concept in Mexico.  In Sombrerete, my host Fer explained to me that “Ahora” which basically means “Now” really means something more like “Whenever” in practicality.  I generally use a multiplier of three when people estimate a time that it might take to achieve something.  For some reason I Read More

San Cristobal: Part II

3/30/19 – 4/4/19 Parque Nacional Arcotete is a hell of a ride up the mountain from San Cristobal.  The GPS was misfiring, so after several wrong turns and having to re-climb a few peaks we rolled through the gates.  It is less than ten miles from the city, but you would never know it.  The Read More

San Cristobal: Part I

3/24/19 – 3/29/19 As things would happen, Soph got the call from Uncle Sam to take her citizenship exam a few weeks back.  We’d heard good things about San Cristobal and decided that it would be the right place for me to setup base for a few weeks while she returned to the states.  The Read More

Playa Colorada to San Cristobal

Chewing on an iguana egg is an unexpectedly difficult experience.  The shell is incredibly soft, flexible, and damn near impossible to puncture.  You can crush it to the point that your top and bottom molars are touching and yet it is so malleable that it does not break.  If you want to get at the Read More