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Oregon and Cali Deserts

9/25 – 9/30 Shortly outside of Bend we have to get on Highway 97.  It is our first taste of a divided highway.  The shoulders are full of debris, although you can usually meander through it.  A pickup truck drops a wooden box which gets hit by a semi and explodes.  All we can do Read More


8/31 – 9/6 “Two months of traveling and we are back where we started.” Passing the ferry terminal in Bellingham, where we had initially set sale, felt a bit silly. “It’s almost like we’ve accomplished nothing.” We breezed through Washington in about a week.  Vancouver to Larrabee State Park.  Larrabee State Park to Fort Ebey.  Read More

Thumbs up, pants down

8/13 Woke up around 5:30 this morning and thought about getting out of bed.  Then I realized there was no coffee to make or food to prepare as Soph was hard set on a breakfast sandwich from the gas station and that didn’t open until seven.  The firefighters were already at work.  Helicopters were buzzing Read More

The Great Yukon Lodge

*Note: Some of this probably didn’t happen and this place may or may not actually exist My initial impression of the Great Yukon Lodge was that it was maintained with pride despite being a bit tired.  The elements take their toll on any building here.   Foundations shift, roofs are covered with moss, properties fill with Read More