1/10/19 – 1/16/19 *Note: After Baja Soph and I decided to pursue different routes for a couple of weeks.  We took the ferry back to Mazatlan and she caught the bus to Guadalajara while I decided to ride the Espinazo del Diablo to Durango.  I have submitted the posting for this section to another blog Read More


This is a post to say that I decided to take a week or two off from posting.  Tomorrow I will be leaving Mazatlan and heading for Espinazo del Diablo, AKA The Devils Spine.  Soph will be jumping the bus to Guadalajara to meet a friend and we will meet back up in 2 weeks Read More

La Paz to Todos Los Santos

12/18 – 12/23 “What is time?” “I don’t know Alex.” “Well it ends when you die.” “That’s great.” “Have you thought much about it? About time?” “Honestly Alex, it’s a bit early for metaphysics, don’t you think?” Stay in a few hostels in Latin America, and you will meet a guy like Alex. Always smoking, Read More


12/11 – 12/16 Everyone tells you to stay out of Sinoloa. Supposedly, it is one of the major cartel havens. For various reasons we found ourselves in Mazatlan, the largest city in the state. There, on Saturday morning, I sat with a cold blade held up against my throat. The man in front of me Read More

Ya lo chupo el diablo

12/5 – 12/10 “A jijue…..” “A jijue……” “No.  Is more in your throat.  Ah jijue.” “Ah jijue.”  It sounded like I was coercing phlegm. “Ahhh mui bien, now try it all.  A jijue su chigada madre.” “A jijue su chigada madre.” “Mui bien, now you know Hermosillo slang.” “What does it mean?” “It’s kind of Read More

Highway 89….. Sonora

11/30 – 12/5 I stood in the little grocery store in Arizpe watching them try my debit card again and again.  I knew it wasn’t going to work.  I gave them my credit card, but I knew that wouldn’t work either.  We had seven hundred pesos, about $35, on us.  That was enough money for Read More

Sports drinks for gamers

11/25 – 11/29 I didn’t sleep much the night of the twenty fifth.  I like to think that it had something to do with Mexico on the horizon, but more likely it was that last glass of whiskey that I had forced down.  Still, I made the most of the rare bout of insomnia and Read More

Men in Lycra

11/19 – 11/25 “Oh shit, you set the car alarm off, that’s a stroke little bro.” Jim appeared in the kitchen of the Clarkston Union sometime in the summer of 2000.  I don’t remember the first thing he said to me, but I recall that he was obviously a veteran of the restaurant industry.  He Read More

Adios Estados Unidos

If my calculations are correct, this should post as we are crossing the border.  We’ve been seeing signs for Mexico for over a week now.  I’ve spent much of that time thinking about America as it is likely that we won’t walk on her soil for close to two years unless some unforeseen circumstances arise.  Read More

The Dutch Reach

From Boulder Beach there is a short but steep climb into Boulder City.  Boulder City is unremarkable. As you leave town and get onto US 95 South, you get one of those endless desert views.  We roll downhill for 20 miles or so.  There is a field of solar panels in the distance, but spatial Read More

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