Month: March 2020

The crab

Heads up, this post contains moderately detailed instructions on advanced wilderness defecation techniques which can reduce strain on the knee.  It has been brought to my attention in the past that such topics are a bit over the line for a blog focused on micturation.  Still, I feel that this information could be found useful Read More

San Juan to San Rafael

1/30/20 – 2/8/20 Long, flat, cool tail wind. The desert that great dump for all of man’s unwanted trappings. On the north end of the agricultural inspection booth; old televisions. To the south; tires. Who keeps this great warehouse organized is a mystery. What anyone will do with an old cathode ray tube ever more Read More

Non-Euclydian geometry, Mandelbrot, and the infinite washboard paradox

The Coastline Paradox is the counter-intuitive observation that it is in fact impossible for a land mass to have a well-defined perimeter.  The length of a coast is limited only by the instrument used to measure it.  A longer and, hence, less accurate unit of measurement means a greater degree of cartographic distortion.  For example: Read More

Buenos Aires – Hijos de putas politicos

1/21/20 – 1/29/20 After a rest day of swimming in the reservoir of Villa Union, we got back on the road.  Ruta Provincial 49 detours from Ruta 40 and cuts through a steep sandstone canyon that feels like an ancient sculpture garden.  Kissing rock, bird rock, mushroom rock, cloud rock, and my personal favorite, old Read More

Performance enhancing hugs

1/17/20 – 1/20/20 We commandeered the garden hose from the plaza in Londres to fill our water and then proceeded to wash ourselves.  The women maintaining the flowers didn’t seem to mind this, although I received a pair of sour eyes when I started dumping baby powder down the front of my shorts to combat Read More