Month: October 2019


9/14/19 – 9/16/19 I had to find a place to repair the drone.  I took the bus and found a shop that seemed confident that it could be fixed.  “Sensores” he told me.  I gave it to him and he said a few things that I interpreted to mean it would be ready on Tuesday.  Read More

Sibundoy to Quito

9/4/19 – 9/13/19 I woke up to terrible back pain that took thirty minutes of stretching to rectify.  I said goodby to Álvarez and Dani.  Their dog followed me to the edge of town and I turned back for fear that he would never return to them.  Luck had been on my side on the Read More

Trampolina del Muerte

8/31/19 – 9/3/19 Early the morning of August thirty first Soph got on a bus to Popayan.  I retraced our path to the east and then took highway forty five south.  Riding in the early morning is a rare treat.  The road has a different look and feel.  The air tastes sweeter.  I fly through Read More

Desierto Tatacoa to San Augustin

8/24/19 – 8/30/19 Feeling better. Downhill dirt road out of town.  Perfection. Loud bugs and strong smells.  Lunch in Alpujarra.  Half a dozen women with the usual half dozen questions.  Pictures with arms around us and thumbs up.  We gave one a card and she left rubbing it between her thumbs, ear to ear smile.  Read More

Wet sand, loose stool

Salento to Dolores 8/17/19 – 8/24/19 Salento was packed with tourists.  We arrived late afternoon and spent two hours calling and knocking on hotel doors only to find them booked.  We eventually found one that appeared to be under construction.  It smelled of musty cigars and the boiler, we later found out, was prone to Read More

Jericó to Salento

8/11/19 – 8/17/19 From the Rio Cauca, the road climbs one thousand six hundred meters towards Jericó in just over twenty kilometers.  It’s hot when you begin the ascent to Jericó.  It’s cold when you reach Jericó.  We’d only planned on one night there.  It was just an intermediate point to get to a town Read More