Month: August 2019

Morgan Freeman’s Voice

7/8/19 – 7/10/19 There is an actual Spanish word for “Zipper”, but “zipa” appears to be more common.  I point to the crotch of my pants and ask where I can get it fixed.  I realize the dangers of such a question with my poor grasp of the language, but we seem to have an Read More

Li’l Debbies and Arizona Iced Tea

6/28/19 – 7/7/19 There is a philosophy with older cars that it is best not to change the oil.  You should top it off and change the filter periodically, but some of the particulate matter in older oil actually works its way into and marinates and plugs worn seals.  A fresh oil change in an Read More


6/24/19 – 6/27/19 “How you doing?” “I hate every minute of this.” I rolled my eyes a bit. “Well what the fuck do you want me to say?” I had been in communication with a Costa Rican cyclist about an obscure road from the 239 in Santiago, through Candeleria, and reconnecting with 239 near Parrita. Read More