Month: December 2018


12/11 – 12/16 Everyone tells you to stay out of Sinoloa. Supposedly, it is one of the major cartel havens. For various reasons we found ourselves in Mazatlan, the largest city in the state. There, on Saturday morning, I sat with a cold blade held up against my throat. The man in front of me Read More

Ya lo chupo el diablo

12/5 – 12/10 “A jijue…..” “A jijue……” “No.  Is more in your throat.  Ah jijue.” “Ah jijue.”  It sounded like I was coercing phlegm. “Ahhh mui bien, now try it all.  A jijue su chigada madre.” “A jijue su chigada madre.” “Mui bien, now you know Hermosillo slang.” “What does it mean?” “It’s kind of Read More

Highway 89….. Sonora

11/30 – 12/5 I stood in the little grocery store in Arizpe watching them try my debit card again and again.  I knew it wasn’t going to work.  I gave them my credit card, but I knew that wouldn’t work either.  We had seven hundred pesos, about $35, on us.  That was enough money for Read More

Sports drinks for gamers

11/25 – 11/29 I didn’t sleep much the night of the twenty fifth.  I like to think that it had something to do with Mexico on the horizon, but more likely it was that last glass of whiskey that I had forced down.  Still, I made the most of the rare bout of insomnia and Read More