Month: November 2018

Men in Lycra

11/19 – 11/25 “Oh shit, you set the car alarm off, that’s a stroke little bro.” Jim appeared in the kitchen of the Clarkston Union sometime in the summer of 2000.  I don’t remember the first thing he said to me, but I recall that he was obviously a veteran of the restaurant industry.  He Read More

Adios Estados Unidos

If my calculations are correct, this should post as we are crossing the border.  We’ve been seeing signs for Mexico for over a week now.  I’ve spent much of that time thinking about America as it is likely that we won’t walk on her soil for close to two years unless some unforeseen circumstances arise.  Read More

The Dutch Reach

From Boulder Beach there is a short but steep climb into Boulder City.  Boulder City is unremarkable. As you leave town and get onto US 95 South, you get one of those endless desert views.  We roll downhill for 20 miles or so.  There is a field of solar panels in the distance, but spatial Read More

Hippies and heroes holding hands

11/5/18 Boulder Beach We decided to take the day off.  I woke up around seven.  There was a spritely orange haired vagabond in denim coveralls with no shirt underneath standing on top of a picnic table playing a ukulele.  His friend, an almost perfect replica except in bohemian pants and tie dye shirt is dancing Read More

Back in the saddle

11/2/18 – 11/4/18 When we first moved to St. George, somebody took me climbing at a place called Woodbury Crags.  You drive on Old Highway 91, which was the original road to Vegas before they blew I-15 through the gorge.  You go through a mountainous area known as the Utah Hills and hit this long Read More

Never trust a barbecue joint where the chairs match

*Warning: the following contains various scatological references.  If you find this offensive, then I am not sure why you are on a website dedicated to places that a person has urinated….. 10/13/18 – 11/2/18 I have never been a person to devote much thought to the ringer of my phone.  I tried once but found Read More