Month: September 2018


8/31 – 9/6 “Two months of traveling and we are back where we started.” Passing the ferry terminal in Bellingham, where we had initially set sale, felt a bit silly. “It’s almost like we’ve accomplished nothing.” We breezed through Washington in about a week.  Vancouver to Larrabee State Park.  Larrabee State Park to Fort Ebey.  Read More

Nevada Movements

I’m still several weeks behind on postings, but after spending all day working on some logistical issues I thought I would share some of my work.  As we went through Alaska and the Yukon, our biggest issue was getting food.  Sometimes we would go five days between gas stations.  At some points we went more Read More

Leaving Canada

8/30/17 On August 30th, we left Canada and entered the lower 48 for the first time in almost two months.  Some had described the ride through south Vancouver as disappointing in comparison to entering through the west.  Victorian neighborhoods melt away in the humidity and soon we are surrounded by strip malls bifurcated by 4 Read More


8/27 – 8/29 We followed Jeremy through West Vancouver.  The hills rolled perfectly so that you never really had to pedal to get to the top.  Beautiful houses are stacked along the coast with skyline and bridge views and the whole place smells like cotton candy.  Passing through downtown might have been a bit hectic Read More

Prince Rupert to Vancouver

8/21 – 8/27 “Get yer asses out of bed!”  Martin’s voice at 4:45 in the morning.  He had oatmeal ready for us.  Fresh blueberries, brown sugar, raisins, and coffee.  We were out the door at 5:25.  It was a ten minute ride to the ferry.  Our first time pedaling in the early morning.  Thick mist Read More

Finding the rhythm of our ride

This week marks the ninth that we have been riding. We left Homer, Alaska, in early July, and since then we have cycled a little over 2300 miles, up through the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska to Denali, east to the Canadian border, through the Yukon Territory, and then south in British Columbia to Prince Rupert. Read More

Climbing high voltage

8/20/18 We woke up Monday morning in Exchamasiks River Provincial Park.  An RV was thoughtfully playing the radio for everyone within a quarter mile.  The sun rose red over the river and old rusty rail bridge with another set of iconic peaks in the background that were almost becoming cliché at this point.  The sea Read More

Price Creek to Terrace to Exchamasiks River

8/17 – 8/19 The air was cool and the wind was down as we cycled away from Bonus Lake.  We made good time for the first few hours.  At some point a truck slowed down next to us and the passenger was shouting to Soph.  She smiled and they drove up past us.  It was Read More


Trevor was an apparition.  Everybody had heard of him and everybody talked about him.  Nobody seemed to have met him.  “Have you seen that guy with the crazy cot tent?” one guy asked, “I heard he lives off of squirrels and salmon and huckleberries.”  The first time I saw him was actually at Swan Lake.  Read More

They all have guns and they drink too much

8/14 – 8/16 Woke up to funny neighbor roger making us delicious coffee.  Seventy kilometers of riding with gravity but against the wind to Stewart and Hyder.  Bike came to a standstill on 8% grade downhill due to 30mph wind.  Bear Lake Glacier looming over the road.  Haunted forest of old growth pines covered in Read More